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Thank you for your interest in Tennessee’s offering of NCRA’s (National Court Reporter’s Association) A-Z Program! 


 Can't make it?   We offer classes throughout the year, so check back often!

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The purpose of this program is to introduce interested candidates to the professions of court reporting and captioning as potential career paths.  It is an 6-week program that meets 1 night per week, 3 hours per evening.  There will be encouraged practice between program weeks on your own, because practice makes perfect!

The program introduces you to the steno keyword, where you will learn all the letters and numbers, long and short vowels written on the machine, and how to write one-syllable words.  The program is designed to engage the potential students about court reporting and captioning, gauging their interest and aptitude toward being successful in full training to become a court reporter or captioner, which normally takes about 2 to 3 years of schooling, give or take depending on the individual student.  Some people catch on and/or progress faster than others.


If you’ve ever had an interest in the Professions of Court Reporting:  Judicial reporting, CART, or Captioning, this is an opportunity for you to learn more about the profession being taught by experienced working reporters with little to no monetary investment while you are exposed to the profession.


Looking forward to hopefully meeting you and helping you start your journey toward becoming a Court Reporter!

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NOTE: Introductory eight week A to Z program is at no charge to the individual. Simply a commitment of time to gauge aptitude and interest in continuing on to full training.

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